Hi! How are you? Are you a student, a parent or an English teacher at Intxaurrondo Hegoa School? If the answer is 'yes, I am', this is your place in cyberspace. Occasional visitors are welcome too! Thank you for dropping by!


We are seeing Primary 6 students off!

This is Primary 6 students' final day at school. It has been a real pleasure to be their English teacher for four school years in a row. Now we all wish them luck in their lives.


Summer is here!

Summertime and the living is easy... Yes, summer is finally here! Time to rest and have a lot of fun! So enjoy it to the full, but... don't forget your English!


Rubik's Cube: The Latest Craze at School

Hi! Along these years at Intxaurrondo Hegoa School many crazes have just come and gone. In my last year at this school Rubik's cubes are the latest craze. They seemed to be an old-fashioned toy, but they are not. For those of you who are interested in them here is a couple of web sites that will hopefully help you improve your skills. Please visit Rubik's Cubes Solver for some hints and tricks and Color Cube Puzzle for an online version of it. Keep practising and good luck!


Climate Kids: Nasa's Eyes on the Earth - Energy

Click on the picture above and learn more about energy.


"D'Artagnan" Theatre Play at Intxaurrondo Culture Centre

Today Primary 4, Primary 5 and Primary 6 students will attend the performance by Forum Theatre at Intxaurrondo Culture and Sports Centre. Harri Berri and Mendiola schools will be there too. All for one and one for all! Here some pics!